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Deformed Bar

Deformed Bar

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Steelmart is proud to present our Deformed Bar, the ultimate choice for reinforced concrete structures where strength and durability are paramount. Designed to grip concrete tightly, our deformed bars are essential for any construction requiring enhanced tensile strength and longevity.


Section Sizes:

Choose from diameters including 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 32mm, and 36mm. Each size is engineered to meet different structural demands, ensuring your projects are not only built to last but are also compliant with the highest safety standards.


Lengths Available:

Whether it's for small-scale repairs or large construction frameworks, our bars are available in lengths of 300mm, 600mm, 6m, 9m, and 12m. This variety ensures precise application with minimal waste, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Why Our Deformed Bar?

- Superior Grip: The ridged surface of our deformed bars is specifically designed to ensure a strong bond with concrete, which is crucial in load-bearing structures and areas susceptible to tension.

- High Tensile Strength: Made from high-grade steel, these bars offer exceptional tensile strength, making your structures safer and more durable against natural and mechanical stresses.

- Adaptable and Reliable: Ideal for applications in building foundations, bridges, highways, and other infrastructure projects where strength and safety are a must.


At Steelmart, we understand that the strength of any structure lies in its foundations. That's why our Deformed Bars are meticulously crafted to ensure your construction projects are as strong as they can be. Choose our deformed bars for your next project and build with the confidence that comes from using the best materials available.


Shop now, and for any inquiries or technical support, remember, we’re just a call away at (07) 5371-0160 – ready to assist you in building stronger, safer, and smarter.

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