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Duragal Channel - PFC

Duragal Channel - PFC

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Elevate Your Construction with Our Duragal Channel – PFC from Steelmart, engineered to bring strength, smoothness, and superior corrosion resistance to your residential and commercial projects. Designed for applications where an even-depth channel is crucial, our PFC (Parallel Flange Channel) is your go-to solution for low spanning or non-structural applications that demand durability and precision.


Section Sizes:

Broad Range of Dimensions: Choose from 75x40mm for smaller frameworks to a substantial 300x90mm for larger structures, with intermediate sizes including 100x50mm, 125x65mm, 150x75mm, 180x75mm, and 200x75mm. These varied sizes ensure that you have the perfect channel for any project scale and requirement.


Lengths Available:

Flexible Length Options: Available in 6m, 9m, and 12m, our channels provide flexibility and efficiency, reducing the need for joins and ensuring cleaner lines in your construction.


Why Our Duragal Channel - PFC?

·        Smooth Finish: Each channel boasts a sleek, smooth finish not only enhancing the aesthetic of your structures but also offering an easier handling experience during installation.

·        Corrosion Resistance: Galvanized to withstand harsh conditions, our channels promise longevity and durability, ensuring your structures stand the test of time without succumbing to environmental stress.

·        Versatility: Perfect for a wide array of applications, from framing and supports in building construction to decorative and architectural features where non-structural steel is sufficient.


Ideal For:

·        Residential Construction: From home extensions to garages and garden sheds, our channels provide reliable, aesthetic solutions.

·        Commercial Projects: Ideal for creating frameworks in commercial spaces, ensuring safety and durability with minimal maintenance.

·        Architectural Applications: Utilise our channels for their aesthetic smoothness in visible areas, enhancing the design elements of your project.


For more details or to discuss your specific requirements, feel free to reach out at (07) 5371-0160 .

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